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Spoon Millionaires Premiers This Week!

Welcome, lovers of the arts! I'm happy to announce that Spoon Millionaires, co-written by me and Jim Jividen, will make its world premiere at the unfortunately named Veterans' Memorial Civic & Convention Center of Lima/Allen County in Lima, Ohio this very week. It's not too late to get your tickets for this week's shows, or you can hold off and see it next weekend after the raves come pouring in. And they will...even if we have to make them up or interview audience members after the show like they do for movies such as No Holds Barred.

There you go, in fact. Spoon Millionaires: Funnier than Hulk Hogan. "Watchu gonna do, brutha, when Spoon-mentum and the largest arms in the world run wild on youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?!"

Although I will post information on Spoon Millionaires here at this site, you should check out the official website for manifestations of Internet-friendly buzzwords such as blog, video podcast, Keynote presentation, and more. Who knew the Internet had such powerful non-pornographic uses?

In the meantime...

Now available:

Mowin' the Heavenly Lawn Mowin' the Heavenly Lawn

The tender tale of a robot pirate who's afraid to love.

Well...not really.

Guy Lindsey is just like the rest of us. He puts his pants on one leg at a time. He watches a lot of professional wrestling. He dreams of Andy Kauffman. He speaks with fire gods, gets busted for having sex under school buses, and is frightened of Victorian literature professors. Guy Lindsey also once killed somebody. If you couldn't care less about Guy and are actually just surfing the net for books with sex scenes, I've got you covered. Learn more.

Site update:

As you can see, the site is undergoing a revision to focus on the stuff that actually matters (i.e. makes me money). I'll try to entertain you visually with some kind of graphics soon, and I'll undoubtedly decide that most of what I added here was a bad decision and replace it in empassioned fits...until I just decide to screw it and instead start up a blog, that is. Until then, you're on your own. Be careful. There's some nasty stuff on the web. Nasty!

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