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ApplelinksI get all my computer games for free. Can you believe that? I haven't paid for a computer game for myself since the 90s! And to think, mom said all that time playing Intellivision would get me nowhere.

Actually, I don't think she ever said that. I think what she actually said was, "Shut up about Tron and go play Intellivision."

Anyway, I don't just review computer games for Applelinks. I cover everything from iPod accessories to graphics acceleration cards to web development software. I also do a lot of design and other back-end work as well. Want to know why it takes me 15 years to adapt a play and eight years to complete a novel? Applelinks. But I love it.

Applelinks has grown since I first came on. Originally just a site that offered links to other Mac items, it now has a full staff of reporters and columnists, most of which I oversee as senior editor. We offer news, reviews, how-tos, features, forums, free e-mail, webhosting, an online store...basically everything the web surfer needs aside from Asian porn and Apple rumors (the latter of which would get us in more trouble than the former). In fact, we're one of the handful of Mac websites Apple uses to promote WWDC. I'm not exactly sure what goes on at this event, but I'm certain it's important.

Today's Macintosh and iPod News

My articles are the least interesting here (usually just press releases). You'd be better off seeing what Charles Moore has to say.


Stick with the game reviews...they're the fun ones.


Bill Stiteler and I try to make movies, then convince ourselves that others want to see what we've done. You know...like Uwe Boll.

Applelinks Towers

My weekly photo comic, starring Blurry Tieraney, Pointless Robot, Old Man Sophie and Don Muraco.

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