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Kirk Hiner (me)

Now, although I greatly enjoy telling stories and antecdotes about my life ("Ask me about grandchildren!" reads the button on my lapel), I don't actually like talking about myself directly...unless I'm pretending to be a Carolina Panthers cheerleader.

Kirk - 4th Alternate
TopCat Season: 0th TopCat Hiner
Hometown: Ashland, Ohio
Education: Ohio Northern University
Occupation: Web Production Manager
Future Goal: To accomplish my goal...oh, I mean to cheer the Panthers to victory in the Super Bowl
Hobbies: Writing, reading, music, video games, football, hockey...oh, I mean visiting our troops overseas
Favorite Charity: Natural Resources Defense Council...oh, I mean something with children and animals
Favorite TV Show: They both got cancelled after one season, so what's it matter...oh, I mean something on Lifetime that reaffirms myself as a woman
Favorite Food: Anything with tortellini...oh, I mean whatever my mom/grandfather/4th grade teacher cooks, or that I make with my daughter
Favorite Music: Queen, They Might Be Giants and Shonen Knife...oh, I mean whatever they just sung on American Idol
Favorite Quote: "It's a lovely world we live in when we make it disappear." - Andy Prieboy...oh, I mean "Believe in yourself/the Lord and follow your heart/dreams and treat others/yourself with respect/love/kindness/a handful of tasty cashews." - My mom/grandfather/4th grade teacher
Most Important
Thing in Life:
Cheese...oh, I mean faith/family/friends...wait, that's three things, so how about faith in my family's friends
Achievements: Most Improved Student Life Editor at the Herff Jones Yearbook Camp in Gettysburg, PA - 1987...oh, I mean being selected TopCat 4th Alternate zero years in a row, and my friendships with the other TopCat girls
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